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Ladies, This Is How to Style Jeans Like a Fashion Icon



The secret to looking hot in jeans?style them.Jeans can be basic and common ,a fact that is not too interesting.Every lady deserves to feel unique and attractive regardless of their outfit.However this doesn’t  often happen .It is simply because humans are naturally attracted to uniqueness.

Here are some tips for styling jeans that will leave all eyes on you.


Styling fashion  jeans for ladies

styling baggy jeans

sometimes baggy pants can be such a vibe killer,especially straight cut jeans.Most of the time ,the baggy jeans do not give a flattering look that we aim for.One trick that i would recommend is wearing a well fitting top.A well fitting top gives an illusion of  the jeans  appearing less loose.That way you will not look like you are in a play costume.

Make sure that the jeans fits your  waist

This mostly applies to mummy jeans.If  your jeans are fitting your waist ,it gives a flattery look of slim waist.Use belts or elastic bands for the loose fitting ones.

Tip:If you want your booty to appear big,wear a jeans with small sized back pockets,and if you want your booty to appear less big wear a jeans with large sized pocket.

Layering for heat

Layering is a really cool way to style your jeans.Layering is wearing a cloth on top of another.You can layer your tank tops or camisole with a light  blouse or a button -down shirt. Leave your top open to allow air to pass through.Add a belt to have even a better look!

                                   photo by:Pinterest.

Layering for the cold

Its during the cold season that you can style your your fashion jeans with much ease. Invest  in blazers;a long one and also a short one.Also long coats and trench coats such as Burberry ones will keep you going.

You can never go wrong with a black one.Also you can use a belt on  the coats and blazers just like in blouses while layering for heat.

Tip:have a variety of belts in terms of thickness.It will help you  match the best for a coat or blazer.


Accessories  will make you look boujee even if your outfit is not too expensive.Layered necklaces,huge loop earrings as well as belts with buckles should be among your essential go-to accessories.

You can wear earrings with loop that matches with the belt buckle.You can also style a turtle neck with a layered necklace.


Styling fashion jeans has never been complicated.With simple tips such as layering and accessorizing can take you a long way.Remember its all about bringing out that unique personality in you.

Do you have other tips for styling fashion jeans?Drop a comment.

Thanks for reading this blog!

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  1. karanja mwangi says:

    This is a good start, you have put your points in a simple language, short sentences and direct to the point. Kindly note the following observations:
    Proof read your work. observe proper capitalizations after punctuations.
    Use different font colors for subheadings to enhance attraction.
    Those a more attractive background color.

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