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Stain Not Shame: Shattering period shaming

Courtesy: @Scanadafrica

In a world that prides itself on progress and equality, it is disheartening to acknowledge that period shaming still persists. Menstruation, a natural bodily function experienced by half the population, continues to be surrounded by silence, stigma, and discrimination. Stain Not Shame’ campaign challenges this narrative by celebrating the beauty of being a woman.This campaign redefine fashion by encouraging girls and women to feel confident and empowered, regardless of societal expectations or perceived flaws.

The ‘Stain Not Shame’ collection goes beyond mere aesthetics. It seeks to redefine fashion as a means of self-expression, empowerment, and positive impact. The garments tell stories—stories of resilience,self- acceptance, and sustainability.Zeva has intentionally incorporated subtle red stains and marks into their designs, to normalize the sight of period stain.The collaborative effort by Scanad Africa,Zeva and Kenyan content creators:Esther Kazungu,Miss kihoro,Miss Gachie,Martinaglez ,Shikshaarora,Temina semo and Ajib Gathoni,has created conversations around important issues such as period shaming and period poverty. By pushing these boundaries, They strive to normalize these discussions and foster acceptance and understanding.


The ‘Stain Not Shame’ fashion project being the only one from Africa shortlisted for  ‘Glass the lion for change’ award is an incredible honor and an opportunity to represent our country and continent on a global stage. .As we eagerly await the announcement of the ‘Lion Glass’ award, we hold on to our hopes and aspirations for the ‘Stain Not Shame’ fashion  campaign.

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